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Artworkers Reading Palestinian Poetry

Friday, 4 June 2021
12 – 5pm
Delfina Foundation & Eastside Projects present Artworkers Reading Palestinian Poetry from Eastside Projects, Birmingham, England organised by Yas Lime and Harun Morrison.

In an act of solidarity with Palestine, artworkers are invited to read Palestinian poetry across the day. The readings will take place in the gallery and will also be relayed to external speakers on Heath Mill Lane in Digbeth, Birmingham.

You can book a 30 minute slot to listen inside the gallery on a Pay-What-You-Feel basis. 

While we recognise the Israeli Occupation should not be foregrounded as solely a humanitarian issue, any donations to the event will be shared between We Are Not Numbers, an initiative that supports Palestinian Youth to tell their own stories and Medical Aid for Palestinians

You are also able to book a space to leave a donation if you can not make it in person. We will then send you a recorded version from the day – there are currently no plans to live stream the event.

If you want to contribute 10 minutes reading time please contact Yas at

Confirmed readers so far:

Samiir Saunders
Alex Billingham
Stuart Whipps
Polly Brant
Candice Nembhard
Gavin Wade
Amelia EP
Vicky Roden
Saima Raqazz
Toni Lewis
Ian Sergeant
Yas Lime
James Yarker
Marwan Darweish
Hazel Sealeaf
Tony Bontana
Loren Elhili
Leah Clements
Ruth Claxton
Faisal Hussain
Umama Hamido
Joyce Treasure
Melissandre Varin
Cheryl Jones
Alice O’Rourke
Cathy wade
Laura O Leary
Antonio Roberts