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Art in Crisis: A conversation

Friday, 15 July 2016
2 – 4pm

Please join us for an afternoon of presentations by artists, designers and those working in the city exploring regeneration, gentrification, the use and occupation of public and private land, widespread housing crises and increasing levels of inner-city homelessness.

Inspired by ‘Production Show’ this event is part of the ‘Art in Crisis Festival’ organised by Crisis Skylight Birmingham.

With contributions from:

Pete Ashton – Artist, Art in Crisis 2016 collaborator
Dan Burwood – Artist, Art in Crisis 2016 collaborator
Pamela Ginn – Arts Coordinator, Crisis
Mathew Green – Director of Crisis Skylight Birmingham and Coventry
Louise Latter – Head of Programme, BOM
Ivan Morison – Artist
Kim McAleese – Programme Manager, Grand Union
Anna Parker – Director, Intervention Architecture Ltd (IA)
Pip Piper – Film Producer, Insatiable Moon
Ruhail Rana – Learning Manager of Crisis Skylight Birmingham