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Art Bus

Saturday, 1 December 2012
12 – 6pm

We were delighted to welcome the Art Bus at Eastside Projects once again this winter. The Art Bus is free and offers a great opportunity to see spaces and exhibitions across the city. For this event we, mac Birmingham, Ikon Gallery, RBSA, Barber Institute and Birmingham Museum and Gallery opened our doors.

What’s on at Eastside Projects?

Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat

Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat is an exhibition that aims to explore notions of abstraction, taking contemporary art as its starting point. The art works involve and complicate the three strands of abstraction: formal abstraction, economic abstraction and social abstraction.

Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat is curated by Maria Lind and amended by Eastside Projects.

Yelena Popova: Portrait Gallery Withdrawn

Yelena Popova was born in the USSR, in a secret settlement – an unnamed place dedicated to nuclear research. Following her move to the UK ten years ago she learnt to view facts and events from multiple perspectives. For her solo show Popova has developed a new series of paintings, inspired by old masters portraiture and the notion of the Invisible Man (H. G. Wells and Ralph Ellison). Changing the lighting conditions of the installation throughout the duration of the show Popova intends to question the shifting nature of ‘truth’ and current conditions for human invisibility.

Flatfile: Abstract Possible Cabinet

Eastside Projects presents ‘Abstract Possible Cabinet’, an exhibition by Joanne Masding and Flore Nové-Josserand in Flatfile, a plan-chest sited permanently within the gallery. The artists have collaboratively responded to Flatfile as an object and a display structure, creating a series of new works to be presented both within and upon the plan chest. The drawers within Flatfile have been used to conceal and act as a static platform for presentation.

What is Eastside Projects?

Eastside Projects is an exhibition space with many differences. It is a free public space that is being imagined and organized by artists. We opened our doors to the public four years ago and during this time have developed an enviable reputation for producing innovative and ambitious contemporary art exhibitions and projects with some of the world’s most exciting artists and designers.

Family Workshops

Eastside Projects’ runs regular hands-on artist-led, family workshops where children can learn more about contemporary art as they explore materials. For more information please email