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An Open Invitation to Improvise – LOOP

24 September to 4 December 2021

TO: All the sound makers, singers, musicians and the ones who improvise on the spot, on the job, on the stage or on the bus. And all of those that want to tap the drum, snare, kick, whistle whistle chip on the flute, string and horn. Everyone in-between and all the ones I’ve missed*

This is an invitation to join and perform within a sudden ensemble on Friday 24th September (6-9pm) at Eastside Projects, Digbeth – as part of the exhibition LOOP.

This is a ‘sudden ensemble’ because we don’t know exactly when the performance will start and end. There’s no need to confirm your place if you’d like to join, simply arrive and at some point during the opening (when it feels right to you) make your way to one of the five microphones to begin/join the improvisation. Or improvise from wherever you are in the space.


We, those improvising together, may or may not know each other but we’ll create a sound, a song, an utterance, a “something” together. And we’ll meet each other through improvisation + leaning into/away from each other sonically.

We’ll gather to create the sound and then dissipate like fire (or not).

A gradual meeting and seeing of each other, then a hum

then the conversation

(SONIC of course).

This is an invitation started as a SCREAM and has become a tunnel with fluffy walls – a space that can hold us and pull us unstuck.

It’s a loop ever-ascending – a ‘chorus with the wind that will whirl [us] away’. This is a sporadic composition, a blue room, a layering

a life.



All are welcome – the space we create is for us! No musical training is needed for this.

If you hear the sound within you and you feel compelled to make it then please join. If you can’t hear the sound but you can hear others – follow them and swim around them (I call this ‘leaning’). And if you can’t hear them then listen way way back into a sound ‘that is of and older than us, that runs through us”.

The space will be open for improvisation throughout the exhibition. And for the moments that you’d like to meet with others and improvise, there are several opportunities for spontaneous ensemble:

The Opening on Friday 24th September (6-9pm)
The Breakfast Opening on Thursday 30th September (8.30 – 10.30am)
Weekly self-organised  improvisation sessions on Fridays at 1-2.30pm throughout the exhibition



If you have any questions or anything that we can do to welcome you into the gallery please email


FROM: Samra Mayanja