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2-Way Street: Open Forum

Wednesday, 28 June 2017
6.30 – 8.30 pm

In this discussion event artist Alice Gale-Feeny used the format of a fishbowl conversation and invited the active sharing of knowledge and experience – felt, taught, factual and speculative – relating to living and working individually and in community.

Alice invited a number of guests, with whom she has ongoing conversations, to join us in a collective discussion where we explored our experience of architecture both as a physical, material reality and from the embodied perspective of living within and around it. Drawing from individual perspectives we began by responding to a series of prompts including ‘What are the basic principles you live and work by?’, ‘What question would you like to ask the architect who designed a building you regularly occupy?’, ‘How do you design a space for another human other than yourself?’, ‘How would you go about constructing a staircase?’, ‘What function can a table have?’, ‘How are decisions made in your house or place of work?’, ‘How can furniture affect our physical and psychological experience?’.

The event was documented and the resulting material will contribute towards Alice’s ongoing research into the voicing of collective and individual experience.