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Write Club

Write Club is an ESP initiative dedicated to language and writing, that began in early 2016. Write Club meet to share feedback on writing, practice writing exercises as a group, and meet professional writers to develop the skills of its members. Each member pursues their own endeavours during Write Club, and the group are working in a variety a forms and formats, including poetry, journalistic writing, writing as artistic practice and narrative fiction. To express interest in joining or attending a session contact

7 December, 6-9pm Launch of Publication Happens As part of Digbeth First Friday Write Club are launching their new limited edition publication titled Publication Happens, bringing together texts written during regular workshops over the last eighteen months. The book will be available to buy for £7 and includes writing from Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Brenda Hickin, Sophie Huckfield, Joanne Masding, Elvin Sanders, Jenni Schütt, Andrew Smith, Suzanne van der Lingen, Emily Warner.

22 November, 12-2pm Led by Jennifer Boyd  A workshop focused on ‘channeling’ and ‘streaming’ as body methods for reading and writing, combining technological and mystic understandings and approaches. Read more

12 October 2018, 2–4pm Towards Publication #4 We will talk about the development of the group publication and try some group writing excersises.

10 May 2018 Towards Publication #3 The group will come together to discuss recent texts they have written and share a potluck dinner, whilst thinking about the direction of the shared publication.

21 February 2018 Towards Publication #2 Led by Huw Lemmey 

8 November 2017 Towards Publication #1 Discussing how the groups texts will work together in a publication, looking at examples and sharing texts to develop.

9 August 2017 Led by Holly Pester 19 June 2017 Writing together, discussing new texts from members and talking about sharing new work

12 April 2017 Reading new writings aloud as a group

8 March 2017 Feeding back on writing and discussing starting points for new texts

25 January 2017 Discussing new writing produced by members, plus quick writing exercises

29 November 2016 Sharing feedback on members’ writing

22 October 2016 Led by Katrina Palmer

28 September 2016 Continuation of giving and receiving feedback on members’ writing, and discussion about how to disseminate what’s been produced

31 August 2016 Sharing feedback on developed writing as well as edits from the previous feedback session 3 August 2016 Giving feedback on writing so far

29 June 2016 Continuing with writers exercises and writing individually but together

10 May 2016 Experimenting with writers warm-ups and exercises

2 April 2016 Led by Ruth Beale

1 March 2016 Considering written and spoken language and its uses

30 January 2016 An Exercise in Close Tasting