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We will ….

Lead by example

Right wrongs

Create balance

by ensuring 
work by female artists and curators makes up at least 50% of our programme*


The Ultras are a new, all-female force.

Eastside Projects is committed to the development of female art practices and the equal representation of womxn** in all areas, and at all levels, of the art world. Since 2013 we have worked with a minimum of 50% female artists across our artistic programming, and The Ultras further extends this policy into the ESP programme.

The majority of ESP members have studied art at HE level, and around 80% of art school graduates in our region are womxn. However:

– Only 65% of ESP members are womxn.
– Female art graduates earn on average 26% less then their male peers.***
– In 2016, 35% of solo shows in galleries outside London were by womxn.***
– In 2016 just 29% of artists represented by London’s major commercial galleries were womxn***

The Ultras is imagined as a discreet programme of activity within ESP, a focussed structure designed to support a new group of womxn each year and create space for dialogue, care and empowerment. Over time, we hope The Ultras will evolve into a vocal, visible and connected network of female practitioners, and so we are delighted to be working with a brilliant group of twelve ESP members who will collectively mould, influence and shape the project during its first year.

The 2018 Ultras are:

Emilie Atkinson, Kelly Best, Laura Cooper, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Sarah Farmer, Effy Harle, Sophie Huckfield, Joanne Masding, Karen Mc Lean, Laura Onions, Bharti Parmar and Lexi Strauss. 

The programme’s structure is being co-designed with The Ultras, creating the opportunity for the group to shape and organise activity which directly responds to common issues, creates networking opportunities and enriches, informs and creates context for ongoing discussions.

Beginning with a gathering in rural Shropshire, which will focus on slowing down and creating space for personal development, a year of workshops, away days, 1-2-1’s and dinners will help support the development of sustainable networks and individual practices. A series of public events will amplify the female voice, and extend ongoing discussions beyond the core group into the wider ESP community.

We value the support of each womxn who is investing energy into this initiative and look forward to seeing how this collective commitment of time and resources helps build an all-female art revolution.


*Eastside Projects Policy Manual 2017.

**A spelling of “women” that is more inclusive and progressive, that not only sheds light on the prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers womxn have faced, but also shows that womxn are not the extension of men but their own free and separate entities.

*** Statistics from Research Paper II:Representation of Female Artists in Britain in 2016, published by the Freelands Foundation. Read the full report HERE