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Summer Camp is back in the gallery and online – slightly later in the year, but with the same spirit!

Summer Camp is an opportunity for EOP members to try out ideas, collaborate, experiment and take over Eastside Projects culminating in the Summer Camp Show alongside works made by members selected for Micro-Residency, the Performance Platform and Showreel.


> Summer Camp Micro-Residency (Closed event): 27 September–6 October

 > Autumn Social, Lunch with the Summer Camp Micro-Residency Artists (EOP members only): Friday, 30 September, 1–2.30pm

> Summer Camp Show Launch (Free and open to all): Digbeth First Friday, 7 October, 6–8pm

> Summer Camp Performance Platform (Free and open to all): Digbeth First Friday, 7 October, 6–8pm

> Summer Camp Show Continues (Free and open to all): 8–15 October, Wednesday–Saturday, 10am–6pm

> Online STREAM: 7–15 October, Online


Katayoun Jalilipour (b. 1995, Isfahan) is an Iranian-born multidisciplinary artist, performer and writer based in the Midlands. Through humour, provocation and storytelling their practice uses the body as the subject to talk about race, gender identity and sexuality. They work in a variety of mediums including moving image, installation, drawing, text and live performance. They use speculative histories and fictions to re-tell stories through a queer lens, and they have an ongoing body of research looking for fragments of queerness hidden in Iran’s Qajar era. Katayoun is an associate lecturer on BA Performance: Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins. 

Alex Parry is an artist currently doing a practice based PhD at the Centre for Postdigital Cultures at Coventry University, exploring art workshops as a form of world building and speculative fiction in terms of ideas, social relationships and materials produced. She has an interest in group dynamics and creating inclusive structures for group work and is currently part of Studio Yea with Eva Freeman and Youngsook Choi who are a group of artists exploring how to support each other in these precarious times. Alex has an MA in Contemporary Art Practice: Public Sphere course from the Royal Collage of Art (2016-18), and a BA in Social Anthropology and Media from Goldsmiths College (2005 – 8). She often makes participatory artworks in public spaces and has worked with organisations including the Pumphouse Gallery, Hardwick Gallery, FACT and Hackney Council. 

Basel Zaraa is a Birmingham-based Palestinian installation artist whose work explores what it means to be born ‘stateless’.  He creates interactive installations that use the senses to bring audiences closer to experiences of exile and the search for identity.


Crow Dillon-Parkin makes work about embodied experience, often from her own perspective as a neurodivergent menopausal woman with some physical disabilities. She uses drawing, collage, photography, performance and video, and makes sculptures and installation pieces, sometimes with a performative or video element. Crow usually works on several projects at once, depending on the time, facilities and level of focus she has available. Recent works respond to the climate emergency, the coronavirus pandemic and personal experiences of medication, but not all at the same time.

Crow has an MA in Art & Science from Central Saint Martins, returned to Birmingham in 2019, and is now working from a unit at The Old Print Works, Balsall Heath. Since 2020 Crow has shown work at Mile End Pavilion, London, Ort Gallery and Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, the Venice Arsenale, and New Art Gallery Walsall (Twenty Twenty Collection and West Midlands Open).

Lucifer Sky (Indira Lakshmi) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Coventry, UK. She works across mediums of sound, performance, sculpture, programming and DIY electronics. As a solo project Lucifer Sky began in 2018 as an amalgamation of field recordings and distorted melodies as she navigated through new environments – geographic and psychological.

Lucifer’s music exists as immersive soundscapes oscillating between chaos and calm, a mix of experimental drone, noise and ambient. She uses various materials including field recordings, spoken word as well as composed sound with a variety of instruments such as DIY electronic and MIDI instruments and found objects. Another aspect of her work is performative live soundscapes where she creates multi-layered, ephemeral audio-environments. Recently she has been programming interactive audio-visual experiences, with a focus on play and connectivity.


Sofia Barton, Steve Burden, Chantelle May Boyle, Yusuf Dongo, Marcus Keating, Angela Walsh, Kane Sugar, Rhiannon Evans, Sally Bailey, Rachel Magdeburg, Imogen Morris, Joseph Tyers, Mengxia Liu, Sayak Shome, Leah Hickey, Crow Dillon-Parkin, Oliver Getley, Ishmail De Niro, Polly Brant, Duncan Poulton, Luke Routledge, Area.Sarj, Monica Perez Vega, Kenizzi Yamalimbu, Vitesh Vithlani, Lauren Skywolf, Roo Dhissou, Shivani Khoshia, Helen Hamilton, Craig David Parr, Kurt Hickson, Adam Wynn, Abigail Braithwaite, Charlie Kirkham, Tim Mills, Gavin Wade, Ruth Claxton, Alys Scott-Hawkins, Ambie Drew, Crow Dillon-Parkin, Dan Auluk, Duncan Poulton, Emma Plover, Gemma Gore, Gugan Gill, Jaz Morrison, Leah Moran Chadderton, Rebecca Farkas, Rhiannon Evans, Sherrie Edgar, Trixiebella Suen.