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Away Day: Birmingham

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Away Day to Birmingham
Tuesday 4 February

Following the success of our ESP Away Days to Bristol and Cardiff we invited the Spike Associates and WARP at G39 users to visit our beautiful city on Tuesday 4 February. To continue conversations between the three groups we welcomed ESP members to join us for a tour of some of the city’s galleries, artist-led spaces and studios with talks from those who run and work from these spaces and behind the scenes views of familiar places.

Our schedule for the day looked a bit like this.

Arrive at EP at 11.00 onwards
Intro to EP and ESP from Gavin Wade and Ruth Claxton (Directors)

12: Intro to The Lombard Method studios and gallery with Matt Foster (Director)

12.45: Intro to Stryx project space with Emma Leppington (Director). Current show Goin’ ‘Round The Wrekin

1pm: Intro to Grand Union gallery programme and studios with Cheryl Jones (Gallery Director). Current show: And Publishing: The Piracy Project.

1.30: Intro to Vivid Projects programme with Yasmeen Baig-Clifford (Curator/Director)

1.50: Lunch time

3.00: Intro to current show, For the Record at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery with Lisa Beauchamp, (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art)

3.45: Intro to IKON Gallery programme with Curator Stuart Tulloch (potential tea or coffee break in IKON Cafe). Currently showing solo shows by Tim Johnson and David Tremlett.

4.45: Visit Tindall Street Studios

5pm The White Swan for drinks and cobs.