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Radical Sabbatical Residencies 2017

9 January to 31 May 2017

ESP members Emilie Atkinson, Sarah Farmer, Duncan Poulton and Stuart Whipps have been selected to undertake Radical Sabbatical residencies at University of Birmingham (UoB) during the spring term of 2017.

The residencies provide a platform for artists, curators and art-writers to respond to the multidisciplinary nature of research, and offer an opportunity for practitioners to develop new ideas, research and work in an exciting context of learning and expertise. Radical Sabbatical is a space for experimentation, knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary engagement – a place for artists and academics to explore each others’ research and consider how it is produced and conveyed.

The selected artists have proposed residency strategies that respond to provocations from a range of academics, under the following themes – FUTURE CITIES, AGING AND REPAIR, CONVEYING THE SENSITIVE, TRUST AND RISK, and WAVES.

Each of the artists alongside UoB academics will present the work and research developed during the residency at an event later in 2017.