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Projects Ongoing

Member Led Workshops

4 September 2017 to 19 September 2018

This new initiative is designed to build on, and make use of, the skills and interests of ESP members. Following an open call earlier in the summer we received six workshop proposals which ESP members were invited to vote on. The democratic peer selected process allowed members the opportunity to influence the forthcoming ESP programme.

The peer selected proposals that will be realised are:


1 March 2018: Clay Meditation with Ian Giles

Clay Meditation is a participatory workshop that invites you to collectively pause, listen and centre. Taking place in a relaxed environment, each participant is given a small amount of clay to paint each other’s faces with. The clays drying time allows space for meditation. Artist and composer Diana Policarpo will develop a live soundscape to accompany the meditation using found objects. Following the workshop a light meal will be shared allowing time to share approaches that might enable our minds to avoid anxiety and procrastination.

12 May 2018: Shape Shifters with Laura Cooper

In this performance and drawing based workshop we will use an adapted version of the Goethean Observation Method to study and deeply consider our sensorial relationship to other non-human (and later some human) beings. The workshop will involve plant/animal/people based observation as a practice to hone and extend ones sensory perceptions. This process of attuning might result in subtle gestures, acts or performative responses. We will meet at the Birmingham Wildlife Centre (which has a range of animals and plant life and is set in a large city park not to far from the centre of Birmingham) where we will find our subjects and work through the four-part observation method producing drawings, descriptive responses and physical embodied reactions (movement, actions, emotions) as a result of observing our chosen subject. We will practice the method focusing on three different subjects staring with plant/mineral then animal and lastly human subjects.