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The EOP Thinkers are a group of five EOP members who are thinking with EOP to explore what it is and what it might look like in the future. For 2022/23 the EOP Thinkers are Sophie Bullen, Jennifer Brough, Rhiannon Evans, Rene Francis-McBrearty, Tesha Murrain-Hernandez.
Through a series of meetings across the year, the EOP Thinkers will offer specific feedback about their experiences of being an EOP member whilst reflecting on what we do and how we might shape the programme in the future. The group reflects the breadth, depth and richness of the EOP community, with long-term members, newly joined, emerging and established artists with a wealth of practices and ideas. Each EOP member is paid £50 for each meeting.
The EOP Thinkers form part of a wider family that contribute to Eastside Projects development, including the Cultural Citizens and Advisory Board. You can find out more about who else makes Eastside Projects happen HERE.