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Projects Ongoing

Natasha Macvoy – EOP Members Show 2023


We are delighted to announce Natasha MacVoy as the artist selected for the 2023 EOP Members Show. Her solo exhibition will open in October 2023 in the second gallery at Eastside Projects.

Natasha will produce an installation of two films. Drawing from actors working with stunt performers, this project represents the various ways she learnt, adapted and changed the fabric of the world to provide an invisible support structure for her children. The films speak to the intricate preparations and rehearsals that go into everyday activities when caring for someone who is socially anxious, autistic or has pathological demand avoidance.

Natasha lives in Dursley, Gloucestershire, with a studio at Spike Island, Bristol. Her sculptural practice includes murals, ceramics, writing, performance and film to create installations and environments. Her work is a generous, gentle and complex study of mothering, identity, loss, gain and unconditional love through the lens of neurodiversity. In her practice she explores adaptative care and education in a broken system, expertise as protection and hope through radical connection. Recent exhibitions include: OUTPOST Members’ Show curated by Amartey Golding, OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich, 2022; Blush, ASC Gallery, London, 2022; tibrO yalP, g39, Cardiff, 2022; My Kid Could’ve Done That, The Edge Arts, Bath, 2021. Natasha has been an EOP Member since 2019.