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EOP and CGA Digital Pen Friends


EOP and Castlefield Gallery Associates (CGA) have teamed up to match make their members, and generate new creative friendships during the COVID 19 lockdown. Aimed at generating an ongoing support network and the occasional collaboration these friendships are an open ended invitation to learn from one another, generate new responses to our situation and have critical reflective conversations. Though we hope this mutual support will help people will continue to make work there is no requirement for any outcome … apart from friendship.

EOP and CGA have paired the following artists …

Steph Shipley and Monica Perez Vega

Jay Mulholland and Matt Gale

Lynne Shaw and Tina Finch

Andy Smith and Yas Lime

George Gibson and Luke Routledge

Pippa Eason and Kelly Best

Bridget Coderc and Alex Billingham

Heather Bell and Larissa Shaw

Olivia Rowland and Ambie Drew

Sabrina Fuller and Brenda Hickin

Ian Vines and Betsy Bradley

Sarah Feinmann and Helen Grundy

Jane Lawson and Amelia Hawk