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Crit Club consists of an intimate group of ESP members who come together over a seven month period to address concerns in their practice. The club focuses on practice development through intensive feedback sessions and discussion. Members follow each others progression offering insight as the works are discussed develop and change. Alongside addressing concerns in their own practices the group also visit artists in other cities to hear about different approaches to making in a wider context.

The Crit Club #2 members are Aileen Doherty, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Fortes Mayer, Sophie Huckfield, Wendy Palmer, Luke Routledge, Gina Smith, Tom Verity

Saturday 29 July, 12–6pm
All participants bought work for the group discussion and feedback. The full day session consisted of short presentations from members to introduce their work and outline the most urgent areas to look at during Crit Club sessions, followed by a group critique. The session was moderated by Birmingham based artist Andrew Gillespie.

Tuesday 26 September

The group will visit Bristol to meet studio members at Spike Island. Following a series of studio visits the group will visit BEEF at the Brunswick Club to hear about establishing an artist led space in Bristol. The day will end with a visit to Arnolfini to attend the opening of the Grayson Perry exhibition.

Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 October, 5–8pm
Half the group present work on Monday evening and half on Tuesday, with the whole group contributing to discussions on both nights. This is an opportunity to see how work has developed since the first meeting.

Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 November, 5–8pm
Following the same structure as the October session this is an opportunity to talk about new works as they develop and get feedback from the group who now have an understanding of each other’s practices and the issues that are being worked through.

Tuesday 30 January, 5-8pm
To wrap up this series of Crit Club every member of the group offers work for quick fire crits, to reflect on how work as developed and think about next steps. This session is also open to ESP’ers joining Crit Club season #3.

Sessions will usually take place at Eastside Projects, but occasionally occur in the artists studio.