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1 May to 1 June 2014

May and June 2014

CPAGES was a new exchange between Birmingham and Manchester, which offered artists the chance to experiment, make new work and connections, explore the kinds of dialogue which arise through creative activity and build new relationships.

It began in May 2014 with a two-day making session in Manchester, hosted by CG Associates in TOAST, part of Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Space at Federation House, in the centre of Manchester.

For the Birmingham leg, Stryx hosted an open studios event which marked the culmination of a two-day mini-residency in which artists from Birmingham and Manchester made new work, often collaborating for the first time.

It was an opportunity to see the investigations made on site over the two days. The event offered the chance to meet and talk with artists about work in progress.

Participating artists:
Dan Auluk
Meghan Allbright
Sandra Bouguerch
Sophie Bullock
Leah Carless
Lisa Denyer
Lucy Harvey
Anna Horton
Sophie Huckfield
Beth Kettel
Jane Lawson
Kathryn Miller
The Penthouse
Rebecca Randle
Emma Thackham
Emily Warner