Write Club #2

Deadline: 22 February 2016

Write Club
Tuesday 1 March, 6.30–8pm
Sign up by Monday 22 February*

Write Club focuses on the practice of writing and on its possible forms inside and outside the art world.

Every last week of the month our temporary community of interest meets at Eastside Projects to work together, review each other’s materials and discuss the variety of issues that are at stake every time we approach writing in different contexts.

We looked at writing from a broad and flexible perspective, considering written and spoken language and its uses, its performativity and the multiplicity of narrative and non-narrative paths that can be undertaken when operating with words. Some of the sessions are led by artists, curators and writers each of whom offer a specific perspective on writing and all that it entails. Step by step the programme aims to become a self-generated and self-organised structure where the members themselves define the tools, the themes and the formats of each sessions.