Winter Art Fair, Application Open

EOP Members Only

Deadline: 22 October 2020


Winter Art Fair, Application Open
Application deadline: 22 October


This years Winter Art Fair has gone digital. We will be opening up the Eastside Projects online shop during December to EOP members to sell your wares. Have you got artworks or festive treats to sell, perhaps you have limited edition prints, publications, ceramics, sculptures, festive decorations, jewelry, or more? Then this is the place for you. 


EOP members can sell up to 2 different items. These can be additions or variations. For example, 12 limited editions prints and 20 necklaces would be 2 items. Each item will be listed with a photograph, title and description. Take a look at our shop for ideas. You will need to provide photographs and full descriptions by early November. 


We have place for 30 EOP members who can be based anywhere in the UK. You don’t need to have completed making your items by the application deadline, but you will need to by the time the shop opens.


How to apply:

Email the following in one PDF by 22 October:

  • A short description of each item you are selling including the quantity (up to 200 words for each item)
  • Dimensions for each item
  • An image of each item you are selling, this could be a sketch if you haven’t completed making yet
  • A price for each item you are selling (up to a maximum of £200)
  • A link to your website or social media
  • Your contact details 

Applications are by email only sent to


Important Information:

  • Eastside Projects will host the online Winter Art Fair, and will manage payments and listings. 
  • We will charge 10% of all sales to cover the administration of the event and transaction fees. 
  • Items must be a maximum of £200 in line with the Artists Support Pledge.
  • You will be responsible for the postage & packaging (or collection if relevant) of all your sales. 
  • As items sell we will let you know so that you can ship them. 
  • We will pay you once the shop closes at the end of December and on receipt of an invoice. This likely to be mid January.