The Exchange: Open Call

EOP Members Only

Deadline: 20 January 2021

(February – July 2021)
THE EXCHANGE will bring artists from across the UK together, pairing peers from different networks and opening up space for new creative conversations.

Participating artists will join a new, self-directed creative exchange and workshop programme where they will be paired with a peer outside of their network and invited to begin a conversation. As lock-downs ebb and flow and social interaction is restricted, this project aims to bridge the gap, creating new relationships and friendships between artists that wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect. This open-ended process has no limits or boundaries but is simply framed by the invitation to begin a discussion. There is no formal requirement to collaborate or generate an outcome and participants will be able to communicate however they wish, at a frequency to suit the pairing. 

Eastside Projects (EOP), CAMP, G39 (WARP), The NewBridge Project, Spike Island (Spike Associates), and Turf Projects will each select 10 artists from their network to take part in the project through this open call. In total 60 artists will participate.

Over the six months, a series of networking events and activities for THE EXCHANGE artists will be hosted online by the partner organisations, with the aim of supporting artists, building networks and making further connections. At the end of THE EXCHANGE, Eastside Projects will host an online event which will be a public opportunity to share experiences, stories and, if appropriate, outcomes. Attendance will be voluntary – we do not expect everyone to attend every workshop, but you will need to have time to commit to the project (a minimum of 2 hours per month).


The Programme Dates

20th January 2021, 10am: Deadline for applications


Late February 2021: Artist pairs are introduced

4 March, 2–4pm: Eastside Projects will host a quickfire show and tell afternoon where artists can get to know each other’s practices and be welcomed to the project. 

April: G39 / WARP’s event will be formed in response to artistic and wellbeing needs that arise through THE EXCHANGE, and will be collaboratively programmed with local artists. 

6 May: The NewBridge Project will host an event looking at new ways to explore the practice of each artist pair, focusing on research, methods, processes and interpreting their partner’s approaches. It may result in collaborative outcomes.

26 May, 6.30–8.30pm: CAMP Southwest side artists will work together to propose a snug fit session that responds to the notion of exchange. This could be skill share, knowledge exchange, money laundering, digital takeover, CV face off. The group will share exact details of the session in April 2021.

Mid June:  Hosted by Spike Island Associates- Artist Phil Root will lead a workshop exploring dwelling, local geographies and our relationship to landscape, both our collective and individual experiences. Within the workshop there will be an exchange between the group of local territories using techniques which stem from Phil’s research around new build housing estates and ancient road systems.

7th July, 2–4pm: Turf Projects will host a session exploring the ethics and logistics of collaboration, participation, and partnership.

Friday 30 July: Public sharing event – the form to be determined in response to THE EXCHANGE process. 


How to Apply

Applications are open to EOP members only – find out more about joining HERE

Application writing is unpaid labour and we want to keep this process to a minimum. As such, we are asking for the following, and no more.

  1. An expression of interest (about 200 words / 2-minute audio or video submission) outlining why you would like to be involved, and what you hope to gain from the experience.
  2. A link to your website or profile (this might be a social media link, or a link to a Vimeo for example). 
  3. Your contact details (email / phone)

Please email your application by, 10am, Wednesday 20th January to
The email should be titled ‘The Exchange’.

Additional notes:
– If you are a member/associate of more than one project partner, please only apply through one.
– Members that have taken part in similar projects are still eligible to apply.