The Deutsch Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs: Open Call

Deadline: 31 March 2022

The Deutsch Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs supports visionary creative entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-30 who are driven by a mission to create and sustain social value through their enterprise.

DBACE is opening for submissions on January 13th 2022, seeking young people driven to make positive impacts through creative enterprise. If you have a strong idea or an existing business in the creative industries, and want to create positive social impacts through this, you could be in with a chance of winning funding and support. Deadline 31st March 2022.

Your idea can be a not-for-profit, commercial idea or enterprise. The panel will consider the following criteria when judging applicants:


  • The importance or criticality of the societal issues being addressed.
  • The ability to make a difference.
  • The ability to scale the organisation if successful OR the ability to influence the wider environment (e.g. on government policy) OR the quality/depth of impact achieved (i.e. you may be reaching smaller numbers but impacting people’s lives at a deeper level than larger-scale initiatives).
  • Does the business understand the impact of its business activities on people, places and profit?


  • Has the business demonstrated its business model (value, marketability, product or service, target audience, scope)?
  • Does it have a unique selling point (USP) within the current market?
  • Does the business have a realistic, financially sustainable model?
  • Beyond our prize, is the business likely to attract investment?


  • What specific milestones would the applicant be able to reach, with the receipt of the prize money and business support, that they wouldn’t otherwise?


  • Do the winning entrant(s) have the drive, resilience, capacity to learn and openness to development?
  • Did the entrant(s) present a convincing pitch?

DBACE want to make sure that talented people, from all backgrounds, with great ideas or existing businesses can apply. They have tried to keep the application process simple. For more information, or to apply, click here.

Submission period: 13 Jan – 31 Mar 2022.