Open Call: Still there are seeds to be gathered

Deadline: 25 May 2022

EOP members make EOP

Following a year long programme of EOP led activity by members, for members, we are delighted to invite you to apply to be part of the Still there are seeds to be gathered programme once more. These activities will shape the EOP programme for the coming year.

We are looking for proposals for sessions that reflect the range of positions, perspectives and practices within the EOP membership. Still there are seeds to be gathered is an opportunity for members to lead the EOP programme and use it to develop their own practice, research and networks, in public, with others.

The pilot programme included social dreaming workshops with Mina Heydari-Waite, Queer Use reading groups with Frances Whorral-Cambell, costume making workshops with Bruce Asbestos, and a practical ‘how to have difficult conversations’ toolkit with Aidan Moesby. Your proposal could be anything from a practical workshop or discussion, a skill sharing toolkit or a performative lecture. The session might be led by you, or you might want to invite a guest, it might be a public event or an intimate session for a smaller group. Whatever your ideas are, we want to hear them!

We will pay you for your time and any other contributor fees and material costs. You’ll work with Amelia to develop the idea and make it happen. We imagine that the majority of events will be hosted on the Eastside Projects’ Zoom, though we are open to exploring other platforms and receiving  applications for in-person events. 

Anticipated fee structure:

One artist hosting and devising one workshop/talk/event etc: £200
One artist hosting and devising two workshops/events etc: £300 (total)
One additional invited guest: £200
Workshop materials: £50*

*(We understand workshops and events vary in scale, and material costs may vary for each application)

This opportunity is only open to EOP members. Find out more about membership HERE.


Applications are online only – apply HERE

Application Deadline: Wednesday 25 May, 10am

We acknowledge that application writing is unpaid labour and we want to keep this process to a minimum. As such, we are asking for a brief expression of interest to be submitted via our online form, and no more. Applications can be written, or an audio / video submission. If applying via audio/video please host externally (eg. Vimeo) and copy the link into your application.

We strongly advise you to prepare the material in advance and then upload it to avoid losing information.Any questions can be directed to