Open Call: Member Led Workshops

Deadline: 22 August 2017













We are launching a new strand of activity aiming to build on the skills of ESP members. Member Led Workshops are an opportunity for you to design and lead a workshop using your own skills and creative passions. Perhaps you have a passion for potted plants or are an expert in sculptural numerology. This is a chance for you to teach others whilst building on your own specialism. All the submitted proposals will be available for ESP members to vote on creating a democratic selection process.

A fee for hosting the workshop and a materials budget are provided for each proposal.

To Apply:

Applications are by email only and should be in the form of a single PDF with the following content:

1. Your name, contact details and website address (if you have one)
2. A proposal, which outlines the following (500 words max)

-A descriptive title for the workshop
-The idea behind the workshop
-What people can expect to do in the workshop
-How the opportunity will benefit you and others
-What equipment and facilities you will need (including location)
-The duration of the workshop
-How many people can attend the workshop (consider location and your own capacity)

3. A budget for materials (and facilities if required)
4. An artist/practice statement (200 words max)
5. A CV
6. 5 images of your practice (if relevant)
7. 2 images to represent the workshop (also supply 1 as a jpg attachment)

You are welcome to submit a video or audio application covering the proposal content. This should be uploaded onto an accessible site such as Youtube or SoundCloud with passwords provided.

Deadline for entries: 22 August 2017, 5pm
Email applications to: with ‘Member Led Workshop’ as the subject.
(NOTE new email address)