‘On Time’ Commission Apply Now!

Deadline: 27 November 2020

EOP and Radar, Loughborough University’s contemporary arts programme, are delighted to announce a small-scale commissioning opportunity for the 2020/21 academic year.

We are looking for an EOP member to produce new work in response to Loughborough University’s Institute of Advanced Studies’ (IAS) year-long programme on Time.

The critical importance of time in recent decades follows the developments of technology, the needs of the economy and the demands of politics and produces a diverse field of interpretations in the sciences, humanities and economics, and provides a fertile ground for interdisciplinary exchange. The IAS Time programme addresses two broad issues: concepts and misconceptions, and pragmatics and uses of time through a series of interdisciplinary workshops. Find out more HERE

The selected artist will spend at least five days between December 2020 and May 2021, connecting to research and researchers at Loughborough University. This research will inform the production of new work which addresses time, or a related concern, as its subject matter and/or as its medium.

Work produced should relate or respond to:

  1. One of the final three ‘Time’ workshops hosted by the IAS.


  1. The research interests of any current Loughborough University researcher that encompass time or a related concept. We would encourage potential applicants interested in working with a researcher to email David Bell, Radar Producer, with an outline of their interests, focus and/or approach, by Friday 13th November (d.m.bell@lboro.ac.uk). You do not need to have a specific researcher in mind before emailing.

It is expected that the artist will produce a new work which can be shared publicly however, this is not envisaged to be an exhibition or permanent physical work. The form will be agreed through discussion between Radar, EOP and the artist, but (for example) could be an online performance, screening, piece of writing or web-based project.


There is a combined fee and production budget of £2,000 for this commission. How this budget is divided up will be agreed with the artist, but at least £1,150 of this must constitute your artist’s fee (5 days @ £230 a day), leaving a maximum of £850 for production costs.

In addition, we will also pay for one return trip (including subsistence costs) to Loughborough University, or Loughborough University London, for a meeting with project partners. Additional transport/subsistence costs should be factored into the production budget.

EOP and Radar will provide support throughout, as required by the artist. This may involve online studio visits, marketing and interpretation support. Radar will facilitate relationships with academic collaborators.

To find out more information about the opportunity and how to apply, download the application resource below.