Falling in love again ….

Deadline: 28 March 2024

An image of Emma Hart's installation for Art Night Dundee. The work features a series of human scale sculptures that have their hands in the air

In November 2023 we invited artist Emma Hart to work with Eastside Projects as the first EOP Incidental Artist with an open brief to develop a project for or with EOP. Following an R&D phase she has come up with a plan …

I want to fall back in love with experiencing art. Lately I have become jaded and anxious when looking at art. Going to an exhibition, encountering an artwork and feeling out all the decisions the artist has made, used to be (relatively) fun. Now the thought of going to a show is exhausting. I’ve got exhibition fatigue and I wonder if this lack of curiosity is affecting what or how I make? 

I propose a series of gallery visits with EOP Members, as a form of relationship therapy between the group and art. Together we can question, unpick, experience exhibitions and explore public artworks.  We can work out how we feel about the art presented and what we want from it. 

I am imagining that we will all be new to the artwork we visit, and the looking process will be one of discovery. It is not expected that any of the group (including me) will have done prior research on the art or artist.

We will be shooting from the hip and we will all need to speak up, describe, and question.  We need to hear from everyone their response to the work including hunches, gut feelings and vague thoughts. My hope is that through verbally describing and sharing our encounter together, we can find out if we can collectively fall in love with art again.


We’ll be visiting six exhibitions across the rest of 2024, the first two are …

Thursday 25 April
When Forms Come Alive
At the Hayward Gallery, London

Spanning over 60 years of contemporary sculpture, this exhibition highlights ways in which artists draw on familiar experiences of movement, flux and organic growth

Wednesday 26 June
Permindar Kaur: Nothing is Fixed
At John Hansard Gallery, Southampton

Permindar Kaur is a sculptor and installation artist who utilises familiar forms, such as furniture and toys, to create displaced domestic belongings and settings that invoke the uncanny, transforming the gallery into an immersive set of installations that explore fundamental issues of home, belonging, care and safety.


  • We are looking for eight EOP members to join Emma on each exhibition visit.
  • We anticipate different configurations of members will come together each time.
  • We will pay for any exhibition entry costs and have a budget for travel for each trip – we have a fixed budget across the project, so how much we can cover will depend on where everyone is travelling from, but we will divide the budget up equitably so we can keep costs as low as possible.

Express your interest by filling in THIS SIMPLE FORM and submitting by Thursday 28 March.

Let us know your name, contact info, where you are based (ie where you will need to travel from), why you want to take part, and which of the first three shows you would like to see (you can choose as many or as few options as you like).

We’ll do another call out for the next two visits in July.