ESP & Axisweb: Lunch and Pitch

Deadline: 26 September 2018










ESP & Axisweb: Lunch and Pitch
Deadline 26 September

Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham

£5 / Free to ESP and Axisweb members
Pitching artists put £5 towards the winning pot of money

What would you do with £200, do you have a great idea that you want to share with other people? Have you got an artwork that needs a boost, an idea that needs to be realised?

Come along to the ESP and Axisweb Lunch and Pitch. We will start off with a shared lunch allowing artists and creative practitioners to meet one-another and get to know the variety of practices that stretch the country. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, make connections, and hear interesting ideas.

After sharing a lunch together ten people (or groups) will have five minutes to present their ideas to the gathered audience, who will then vote on which idea gets funded. Each person/group pitching puts £5 towards the winning pot of money, in addition to the £200 from Eastside Projects and Axisweb. The winning idea will also be supported with two follow up mentoring meetings from the Eastside Projects and Axisweb staff.