Crit Club Application (art, ecology, climate justice)

Deadline: 24 October 2022


Crit Club is back, and is looking for new artists and artist-curators to discuss their practice.

The specific focus of this edition of the Crit Club is art, ecology and climate justice.

We are looking for up to 8 EOP members to take part in a series of three (online) critical exchanges and discussions about their work. We are looking for artists with an active practice who are keen to talk about their work and its ongoing developments, bringing new thoughts and ideas to each session.

This is an opportunity to share your work with others and gain feedback as part of group of partitioners with shared interests and concerns. These sessions are also a chance to make connection with artists and artist-curators who share your interests, and to learn from one another about different tactics, including how to develop a critical and sustainable practice.

Three 2 hour sessions will be hosted on Zoom between November and March.

25 November 2022, 11am–1pm
20 January 2023, 11am-1pm
17 March 2023, 11am-1pm

To show your interest, please fill out the APPLICATION FORM.
Deadline 24 October 2022.