Crit Club 2015

Crit Club 2015
Wednesday 15 April
Tuesday 12 May
Thursday 25 June
Deadline to sign up: Wednesday 25 March

We invite ESP members to sign up for a Crit Club in April, May or June 2015. Crit Club is a safe but critical forum in which you can present and discuss new and in-progress work with other practitioners.

The sessions will be led by an external visitor or an Eastside Projects Directors. If there is someone in particular you would like to invite to lead your crit please let us know. All ESP members are welcome to turn up and join the conversation. Crit Club can be held at Eastside Projects or in your studio/workspace- let us know what works for you.

To take part email a brief outline of what you would like to discuss in Crit Club as well as details of where you would like to meet and which month you’d like to participate.