Crit Club #1: Led by Nick Thurston

Tuesday 28 March, 12-5pm

Deadline: 14 March 2017

Crit Club #1, led by Nick Thurston
Tuesday 28 March, 12-5pm
Deadline: Tuesday 14 March

Artist Nick Thurston will lead this new edition of Crit Club, to discuss new and in-progress work with ESP members.

Crit Club #1 will involve six ESP members, who will each present work for discussion by the rest of the group. To create a supportive, focussed and critical forum, Crit Club participants will be joined by artist and writer Nick Thurston and ESP Programmer Joanne Masding.

This session will be ideal for those who want to hear critical feedback about works in development, and in turn want to contribute to generous and useful conversations about the work of other ESP’ers. Nick has selected two short texts as preparatory reading to frame the day, which introduce the question of how we identify what is and what is not art in the complicated field of contemporary cultural production.

To pinpoint discussion and make the conversation most useful for you, we ask that you bring with you a question or problem relating to your work that you’d like the group to focus on.

This is a pilot event to test a new Crit Club structure, with the possibility of developing further versions later in the year.

Crit Club #1 will take place at Eastside Projects, where we can lay works on tables, against walls and on floors in the main and second gallery spaces. We can have a projector, screen and speakers setup, but we can’t fix works to walls, floors or ceilings.

To register your interest in joining Crit Club, email an outline of the work that you’d like to discuss, along with up to 3 images (if applicable) to by Tuesday 14 March.