Welcome To Our Space Webinar: Disabled* Dance Artists Talk

Welcome to Our Space (facilitated by The Work Room)
Date: 13 August 2020
Location: Facebook Live

Welcome to Our Space is the second event in The Time is Now; a new series of digital events that respond to sector development supported by One Dance UK and National Dance Network (NDN). In response to COVID-19, Welcome to Our Space is hosting a webinar foregrounding the experiences of four UK disabled* dance artists who are often experts in a working practice characterised by isolation, renegotiated notions of productivity and rest and rapid adjustments.

The talk features: Laura Dajao (Lauraddances ), Raquel Meseguer (Unchartered Collective), Priya Mistry (whatsthebigmistry and EOP member) and Amy Rosa. Each artist shares individual presentations on their working practices, performance and art making followed by a collective discussion. Topics include developing and sustaining practice and thoughts on how the sector can better support disabled dance artists moving forward.

Stream on Facebook here