THE ARKHE- Jaz Morrison

One of our previous artist-curator trainees Jaz Morrison is going on to do some incredible things with MAIA:

An excerpt from MAIA:

” MAIA has been collaborating and conspiring with artist – curator – researcher Jaz Morrison, as our current associate artist.

Jaz has been in the process of exploring culture building for Black British folx, that makes space for ancestral wisdoms, community care and honouring states of liminality. Jaz has curated a series of events, workshops and gatherings that bring Black communities together to interrogate these ideas further. As we take the journey into creating (meta)physical spaces and Temporary Autonomous Zones for Black British people, we hold onto the question: what could life – affirming Black British culture look like as a reclamation and ongoing exploration? What skills, principles and ancestral wisdoms could we take with us onto the Arkhe?

The following Lab description is written by Jaz Morrison:

British-born Black people have shared roots with the rest of the Black Afrikan Disapora, which can often influence our foundational sense of selves.

Caribbean, West African and African American cultures heavily feature in our everyday lives. Although we may access diaspora and heritage, these cultures were not designed with our context in mind. As the ‘Black British’ demographic becomes more pronounced, there is an increasing need for a culture that is intentionally built by us, for us.

Meaning ‘first principle’, the Arkhe is a semi-tangible embassy and vessel for Black Brits. It will first ‘dock’ at MAIA’s Yard Art House, before making visitations across the country.

An Afro-Speculative project, the Arkhe is the first morphological Black British Institution, designed to equip British-born Afro/Black people with:

1) historical and contextual education;

2) intentional, foundational Black British culture-building staples and rites;

3) and ways to gather, celebrate and organise despite limited access to space.

MAIA is a Black-led organisation exploring the connections between imagination and liberation. As a collective world building project, we draw upon Black imagination, culture, and more-than-human accountabilities to rehearse liberation into being.” 


Associated events: (More infomation HERE)