SUN IN PISCES, Brenda Hickin

Saturday 25 March, 4 – 6pm
Photobook Cafe


A still from short film 'Infusion' by Nadege Meriau.
‘Infusion’ (2022, Dir. Nadege Meriau)


On the 25 February, the sun will be transiting in the constellation of Pisces, a mutable, negative, water sign traditionally associated with the archetypes of the wounded healer, the mystic, the addict, and the artist.

It belongs to the twelfth house, the house of self-undoing and surrender, that which rules prisons, hospitals, mental institutions, and monasteries. It is also the residence of the collective unconscious, a wellspring of symbols and images, still and moving, the house of photography and film.

Join EOP Member Brenda Hickin, and other exhibiting artists as they fearlessly explore the shapes of Medicine through film, photography, and poetry.

Brenda Hickin’s “Woman Bathing” is a twenty-two-minute, unedited silent film study of an 84-year-old woman executing the last solitary and intimate act of self-grooming after being assessed as ‘at risk’ and not capable of continuing to shower unaided.

Curated by Izzy McEvoy and Nadege Meriau. Participating artists include Brenda Hickin, Paul Carey-Kent, Izzy McEvoy, Nadege Meriau, Natalie Price Hafslund, and Liz Orton.


A digital poster of the Sun In Pisces event, containing a summary of the information in post.