Recipes for Resistance

Recipes for Resistance
Date: 24 October – 28 November 2020
Location: Ort Gallery, Birmingham

Recipes for Resistance is an interactive multimedia art project which explores the politics of food and its relationship to migration, belonging, memory, culture, coloniality, gender, resilience, adaptability and resistance. It functions as both a metaphor for and testimony to survival.

Initially birthed as a zine, Recipes for Resistance has since grown into a group exhibition of five artists: Sabba Khan, Navi Kaur, Raju Rage and EOP members Jasleen Kaur and Yas Lime—the latter also an Artist in Residence at Ort Gallery; creatively responding to the exhibition in its duration. The work on show is accompanied by a library of resources that explores food, migration and politics in nuance and complexity.

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