Rebecca Mahay: After Sorrow, Joy

After Sorrow, Joy – Rebecca Mahay
22–23 February
Preview: 22 February 6–9pm, performance at 8pm
Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton

Rebecca Mahay’s first solo show brings her visual and performance art to Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton.

An installation featuring moving image, soundscape, clay and found objects.

“Life sometimes presents traumas. I have experienced one of these last year, a real life nightmare. My younger brother died suddenly. It is inevitable as an artist that I would draw from that experience to share something with the world.

What I have found is that these events can bring with them very sudden agitations that break the inertia of the simplest, everyday activities. It’s a ripple effect. It rips open and exposes everything you thought you knew, from how you get out of bed in the morning to what food you enjoy the most (you might still enjoy it, but you’ll also cry). This presents an interesting challenge: learning how to live all over again.

There’s a constant renegotiation of your life forcing you to confront your life in a new way, and search for new meaning, contentment, and enjoyment in the aftermath. A change, whether it was planned by you or not, can do some serious good.”

Drawing on trauma as a form of convalescence, this show presents a personal process of joy.