Offsite9 is a programme complimenting British Art Show which takes centre stage in Wolverhampton from January to April 2022. Offsite9 will feature new works and commissions by creatives in the region who will occupy city spaces and transform them into exciting experiences. With 22 creative commissions, people’s podcasts, tours, talks and collectable print, Offsite9 invites you to experience great art in Wolverhampton with and by local people, including EOP members: Sahjan Kooner, Daniella Turbin, Fae Kilburn, and Jaz Morrison.


'OFFSITE9' is overlayed on each other in four different colours: orange, green, pink, and black.


Commencing on the 12th March at The Quarter Contemporary Space, FAE KILBURN’s show ‘(Perspectives)’ will incorporate her existing process and explore the experiences and barriers faced by individuals who identify as D/deaf, disabled, Neurodiverse, or who have faced significant barriers. Fae aims to raise awareness, challenge preconceived ideas and highlight the stigma faced by many. Click HERE for more information.


SAHJAN KOONER’s work for Offsite9 explores the relationships between migration, technology and lineage through a new video installation titled ‘Frozen Archive for MOON/ish.exe.’

Working with a network of people, the video looks at the connections and futures that bring people together and forge bonds across time and space. A set of recurring motifs, including archival and digital imagery alongside virtually rendered environments, will blend with testimonies, song and resistance to weave a work that defies gravity and location. Click HERE for more information.


JAZ MORRISON’s ‘Wolveren Watchmen’ features the stories of four Wolverhampton-based workers and residents (NEOne the Wonderer, Mickey Angel, Leanne O’Connor & Sahjan Kooner) with the emphasis that it is the people who make a city what it is, not the institutions.

‘Wolveren Watchmen’ is part of SINGLEPOINT, where four female photographers explore how we navigate the reparative histories of our region when we document culture. Each artist’s practice focuses on framing place, space and community identity. The project is designed to allow for reactive documentation that responds to the city’s engagement with the touring BAS9 and its outcomes. This includes social media takeovers, blogs and tangible materials that allow for communities to engage with and exchange evidence of these shared experiences, and transform them with their own participation. Click HERE for more information.


DANIELLA TURBIN’s project S09198references the unique grid reference for the centre of the City of Wolverhampton.

Throughout the duration of British Art Show 9, you are invited to explore every underpass, street and building within this one-kilometre square. Sign up to take a one-to-one walk with the artist, and together you will map and record the city through photography and walking.

This project will take place throughout the duration of BAS9, and will finish with the creation of a public map of the city on a scale of 1:100. Click HERE for more information.

The British Art Show is a landmark touring exhibition that celebrates recent art made in Britain. Organised every five years by Hayward Gallery Touring, next year the exhibition brings the work of contemporary artists to four cities across the UK: Aberdeen, Manchester, Plymouth and Wolverhampton. The show explores three overarching themes – healing, care and reparative history; tactics for togetherness; and imagining new futures.