Date: Saturday 23 April, 3 – 4pm

Location: The New Art Gallery Walsall, Gallery Square, West Midlands


A darkened still of Jaz Morrison and the Word Life Corral before their August 2021 performance.
A still of Jaz Morrison, and Word Life Corral members at their ‘Firmament’ performance for the 2021 Migrant Festival. Photo credit: Fabio Calundungo (2021).


Artist and Writer Jaz Morrison will showcase ‘MOTHERSHIP’ with Ikon Youth Programme, Cellist & Composer Millicent James, and the Word Life Corral at The New Art Gallery Walsall in response to Keith Piper’s ‘Jet Black Futures’ – available at NAGW until 24 April 2022.

Reflecting on Piper’s methods of storytelling and foretelling, Morrison will consider themes of surveillance, technology, and Afrofuturism.

Organised in collaboration with Ikon Gallery & The New Art Gallery Walsall.

See the Press Releases HERE and HERE.



JAZ MORRISON is a writer and multidisciplinary (but mainly visual) artist, exploring history and social space. Jaz loves sustainable creative expression, Afrofuturism, and storytelling. For her, it’s all about sense- and memory-making.