Kurt Hickson: Shape Pattern Process at Asylum

Shape Pattern Process
Asylum Art Gallery
21 Clifton Street, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, WV3 0TZ
Opening: Friday 12 July, 6–9pm
Then open by appointment until 18 July 2019

Shapes and pattern are all around us. Triangular warning signs and the circular glow of the sun are part of our everyday lives. The gridded structure of a tiled wall or the stripes of a tiger provide us with visual stimulation before we see practicality or function. Our brains are attuned to finding forms and sequence, arrangements and regularities within the world.

Shape Pattern Process enforces this relationship with shape and pattern whilst stressing the importance of process and materiality within contemporary art. This solo exhibition by Kurt Hickson brings together around thirty works of various shapes and sizes, half of which are new or have never been seen before. For the most part the artworks have a familiarity in the concrete world, utilising cheap modern materials and found objects pieced together to form modular structures and larger shapes. Through paint and the throwaway Hickson employs the redundant, highlighting the strength and physicality of the art object whilst underlining our instinctive connection to structure, repetition and order.