Kühle Wampe Residency @ Nottingham Contemporary


‘a subset of kühle wampe, schüle wampe is a parasitic research-based practice; spawning within the institutional host of nottingham contemporary. our project space residency is an opportunity to permeate the institution. to facilitate links between existing groups & resources; drawing parallels with the life-cycle & communicative potential of the slime mould & the interconnected cave network, sprawling indeterminately beneath the city. we look to develop a decentralized, online network – open to contributions. to distribute information previously guarded by institutions above ground’.

In keeping with our parasitic convention, we’re extending our residency to artists/writers/creative practitioners who would benefit from the infrastructure of Nottingham Contemporary as host institution. We value the creation and exploitations of networks and shared labour, and as such are particularly interested in engaging with collectives and groups. We are interested in minimising labour – sharing resources.


Temporary access to physical project space in Nottingham Contemporary, as well as our web-space online – should you wish to exhibit/undertake a project online.

We can offer physical space/presence in the space after the event/web space/technical support/facilitation and documentation if required/SW accreditation/your resources and information added to the website.

No fee or accommodation/transport.


Hold an event/discussion/meeting, engage the public, develop work in space, open a shop in the space, screen a video/performance

Leave a trace in the space on the monolith (Include a photo of the monolith). Choose a set text.

Come to the space on your own, work with us or collaborate with another collective


We cannot offer an artist fee or travel/materials/accommodation grant, however – please detail your needs and we can work towards a solution.

Limitations apply to the size of the space, dates/times that Nottingham Contemporary is open, restrictions on food/drink.

We are open to working with collectives/groups/studio artists – if you are an institution, please feel free to pass this on to associated artists or studio/research groups.

We have access to the space until November 2020, so please keep this in mind when planning your involvement.

If this isn’t for you then feel free to recommend us another collective etc.

To reduce time/labour spent on applications and other unnecessary bureaucracy, please just get in touch with us in a format that suits you with an expression of interest. Our contact information is listed below [if you’d rather a chat on the phone, or to meet for coffee – then let us know by email/on Insta to arrange]. You scratch our protoplasm… @kuhle_wampe