Exhibition poster for IN-BETWEEN a show by Wendy Healey, show three fleshy sculptural forms


Direct Art Action (DAA) Gallery is showcasing Midlands based artist Wendy Healey’s solo exhibition In-between from April 28 to 14 May 2022.

Wendy lives and works in Herefordshire, her rural surroundings and therapeutic work as a Child psychotherapist have inspired and informed her making.

Wendy collects and combines natural and manufactured materials- whether a branch, metal rod, clod of oxidised mud, plastic, dough, netting, debris, plaster, baby wipe or muslin. She sculpts and moulds these diverse materials responding to their rhythm, as they repel and fuse, emitting an energy and life of their own.

Drawing on her experience as a Child Psychotherapist she interweaves her interest of the conscious and unconscious into her making, revealing the interplay between our internal and external worlds. Her sculptural forms and non-forms inhabit the fascinating world of the in-between. Her artwork can stir mixed emotions, possessing beauty and rawness they uncover what is often hidden and misunderstood: physical, emotional and psychological aspects of ourselves. Her intriguing sculptural forms inhabit a fragile border between inside and outside where identity and humanness resides.

Wendy’s intention is to encourage the viewer to be part of an interactive process that explores the In-between and to reflect on our internal and external landscapes.

Everyone welcome

Venue: Direct Art Action U.K. (DAA)

Address: The Gracechurch Centre, 210a Parade, (old bhs store), Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham B72 1PA. www.directartactionuk.com

Exhibition Run: Thursday 28 April- Saturday 14 May 2022

Opening: Thursday   11am-4pm

Friday       11am-4pm

Saturday    10am-4pm

Website : https://www.wendystudio.co.uk