George Mavrikos and Caroline Södergren: A New Pollution

George Mavrikos is kickstarting «A New Pollution», a collaborative project with artist Caroline Södergren. The project consists of a series of live streamed performances broadcasted through starting on the 30.06.2019.

It will explore the subject of climate change by addressing the concepts of preservation, extinction and evolution. Through the mediums of photography, video and sculpture the factual world meets the fantastical.
whilst the photographs and videos will represent fragments of human civilisation, a series of sculptures will bring to life fictional microorganisms that have been imagined as the direct result of the evolution of species triggered by modern day pollution. Together the final pieces represent the coexistence of this continuous change. A change that can be both positive and negative, but has forever been part of the planet’s history and will continue long after human civilisation is gone.

It is our intention to convey a message of hope. Climate change does not necessarily dictate an end but can also be a new beginning as species evolve and adapt. While the human civilisation might become extinct, life on planet earth will go on, adapt and thrive, and give rise to to a new species with a greater intelligent than ours.