Gemma Jones presents Performing Pink Part (III)

Gemma Jones presents Performing Pink Part (III)
Opening 11 May : Live durational performance 6–9 pm
12–17 May: by appointment
Free Entry and refreshments.

In Performing Pink Part III, performance artist Gemma Jones confuses glamour with the repulsive to create a three hour live performance concluding her three month residency at Stryx Gallery. Using costume pearls, satin fabric and eyeshadow pigment, the transforming body navigates within a tableau vivant finding liberation, and complications of the colour ‘pink’. Jones creates a loose script of many possibilities that is subject to change from rehearsals of studio experiments informed by themes of femininity and gender performativity. It is through the duration of the performance that issues regarding femininity today are cannibalistically explored and polished. Influenced largely by Curator Catherine Woods’ term ‘cinematic modes of staging the body’, Performing Pink aims to turn minimal performance on its head through exploring the relationship to staging and setting whist still keeping to traditional methods of durational performance art.

Instagram: @gemmajonesperformance