Gemma Jones: Performing Pink
















Performing Pink
Performances, 5 and 11 April, 6-8pm
STRYX, Unit 13, Minerva Works, Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5RS

ESP member Gemma Jones has been part of the Soup residency programme at STRYX gallery in Digbeth, Birmingham. This has resulted in the two-part, two-hour, performance; Performing Pink that confuses glamour with the repulsive.

Gemma writes ‘The pink body navigates within a tableau vivant finding liberation, and complications of the term ‘women’. Through aggressive actions, physical impact, and a ‘Feminine’ girlish aesthetic, the body is informed my Simone de Beauvoir’s Formulation ‘One is not born a woman but rather becomes one’. Therefore, in this performance, the body exploits the creation of femininity and its relevance to contradictory pressures faced by women today. Jones blurs the cinematic modes of staging the body with boundaries of thought in motion, live art, painting, and theatre to explore the transforming body.’