Dial and Draw Hotline by Daniella Turbin

Dial and Draw Hotline by Daniella Turbin
Deadline: 31/08/2020

Has Covid 19 made you feel a little bit uneasy about going out and maybe feeling a bit isolated? This is a call out to take a journey with artist Daniella Turbin (from Drawer) and make art over the phone. This project is open to all adults 18 years and above.

“I’m putting out this invitation to take a journey or walk by conversation. We’ll have a chat over Zoom and during this time I’ll be making some digital drawings. You can too! These drawings will then be compiled into an installation of lots of drawings which reflect the different landscapes we have found ourselves in during COVID-19.”

If you would like to book a slot, email daniella.turbin@googlemail.com or talktous@bcat.info

This project has kindly been supported by Birmingham Centre for Art Therapies.