Are We There Yet?

Bob Williams
Are We There Yet?

EOP Member Bob Williams presents ‘Are We There Yet?’, focusing on the experiences of children who are refugees. UNICEF (2021) estimates 50% of refugees to be children. By 2019, 33 million children were displaced.

Bob’s concerns are grounded in working as a care assistant, nurse, children’s nurse, health visitor, and researcher. For most of his professional life, he has worked around the wellbeing of children and their families, including migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees.

Using mosaic, collage, and some printmaking, Bob explores linked personal, aesthetic, conceptual, and contemporary themes and experiences. ‘Are We There Yet?’ is available via Bob’s website.

Bob Williams uses mosaic, collage and printmaking to explore linked personal, conceptual and contemporary themes, including fatherhood, family, social justice, wellbeing, and social change.

Using diverse methods, mark-making, materials and techniques allows Bob to create art in a way that illuminates the breadth of his concerns and interests.  It allows him to experiment, change and develop his work in differing ways.

Bob’s concerns are grounded in doing, researching and writing about health, care, poverty, wellbeing, and public health over many years.  His work is inspired, on the one hand, by traditional practices, such as Graeco-Roman art, but also, on the other hand, by Modernism. Bob believes that Modernism offers the creativity, dynamism, and optimism necessary to understand and represent contemporary experiences in our fast-changing lives.