Alex Billingham: Temporary Exclusion Zone

Temporary Exclusion Zone

Alex Billingham

Residency with Asylum Gallery Wolverhampton.

Temporary Exclusion Zone sees genderqueer artist Alex Billingham work over our fractured relationship with Nuclear Technology during their residency leading to a performance with supporting material on the 21st of September.

Alex’s residency with Asylum will act as a bridge from their time with EOP’s Summer Camp to their theatrical show ‘Nuclear Tides’ at The Midlands Arts Centre on November 22nd. Allowing them time to absorb and reflect on the ongoing project while preparing and rehearsing for the next phase of the project.

Notions of exclusion and isolation which appeared repeatedly in the research will be drawn into the work. Asylum will act as a chance to clear my pallet of Nuclear tech before engaging fully with the show.

Opening 21st September 6 – 9 pm with performance
Then open by appointment 22nd – 27th September, contact Asylum gallery for more information.