After BUTT by Ian Giles

24 January – 2 March
Chelsea Space, 16 John Islip Street, London

ESP member Ian Giles has a solo exhibition at Chelsea Space. He is presenting After BUTT a new film exploring the cultural and social legacy of BUTT magazine (2001-2011); a publication made by and for gay men, noted for its iconic pink pages and candid interviews.

Within his filmmaking process, Ian continues his employment of first-hand research, participatory workshops and verbatim theatre as structures to produce a social network. BUTT magazine acts as a locative device to consider gay histories, the presentation of gay men within mainstream media and links between medical advances and sexual freedom. The work also interrogates BUTT’s imbalances, raising questions around the magazines handling of race and gender. There is a playful relationship with language in the film: words becoming transferable between originators and speakers, to construct an oral portrait of the magazine.

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