A Flowing Body of Snake

A Flowing Body of Snake
Kelsey Cruz-Martin

The Exhibition opens on the 4 February – 18 February 2023

Preview: 4 February 6-9pm

Opening times: Thurs & Fri 1-5pm, Sat & Sun 12-5pm.

A Flowing Body of Snake is an immersive sculptural sound installation that projects vivid recollections of strange encounters, medical examinations and bodily boundaries through an intimate lens of desire, ownership and autonomy. A non-linear narrative voiced by the artist weaves ancestral memories of former selves and lost languages into a brooding soundscape layered with menacing drones, tense rhythms and fitful echoes. Cyclical themes of past lives and rebirth intersect and overlap with recurring motifs of snakes and shedding skin.


Kelsey Cruz-Martin is a multi-disciplinary artist working across writing, sculpture, print and sound. Her work is driven by experiential knowledge, the voice and the relationship between language and the body. She attempts to disrupt perceptions of the interior/exterior, public/private and human/non-human forms through the visceral power of repetition, ritual and sacred objects to create immersive installations that seek to embody the viewer.