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Write Club: Towards Publishing #3

Thursday, 10 May 2018
6 – 8pm

Ever written a text and wondered who was going to read it? Well look no further! Write Clubbers come together to do just that. Whether you have a story scribbled on the inside of your notebook, or a fully formed text, we are here to read and talk about it. Join the club to share writing and thoughts, with a few writing exercises thrown in for good measure.

During this catch-up we will be talking about the direction of the group publication that will be launched in December 2018. We will also have a potluck dinner so bring a dish to share with the group – shop bought or homemade, the power is in your hands.

Find out more about Write Club HERE

If you would like to share a text you have written and get feedback on it, email Amelia a copy by Wednesday 25 April.

To book a place email Amelia.