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Write Club: Jennifer Boyd

Thursday, 22 November 2018
12 – 2pm

Writer Jennifer Boyd joins Write Club to lead a workshop focused on ‘channeling’ and ‘streaming’ as body methods for reading and writing, combining technological and mystic understandings and approaches. This workshop will be followed in the evening by a SHELL LIKE listening hour, co-curated by Jennifer and presented as part of This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things X.

Jennifer Boyd is a writer working in text and sound, and co-curator of SHELL LIKE listening events. Often working through concept-engineering, image-writing and surreal/cartoonic physics to produce creative theory her interests include emancipatory sensations, contemporary political theory, toxic vocalities, the strange and the weird, queerness, surrealism, the physicality of language and total pleasure. Published by AfterallAfter Us, and SALT. she recently released A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text with COUNTRY MUSIC. She was the writer for a duo of books, Skinned and Detouched by Alice Channer which was published by Eastside Projects and Motto Books (2018).

Write Club is an ESP initiative dedicated to language and writing, that began in early 2016. Write Club meet to share feedback on writing, practice writing exercises as a group, and meet professional writers to develop the skills of its members. Each member pursues their own endeavours during Write Club, and the group are working in a variety a forms and formats, including poetry, journalistic writing, writing as artistic practice and narrative fiction.