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Workshop: An Introduction to Copyright for Artists and Creatives

Tuesday, 10 January 2023
6 – 8pm

Confused by copyright? Need to brush up on your knowledge?

Everyone is welcome to join us for an in-person workshop at STEAMhouse, led by Birmingham City University School of Law Lecturer Mitchell Longan, focusing on the everyday application of copyright law.

We will cover a range of areas including:

  • What is copyright? What types of works are covered? To what extent are you protected?
  • How to register copyrights
  • Licensing your work to others
  • Using someone else’s copyrighted work – licensing vs fair dealing
  • How to know if your copyright has been infringed

This session has been designed to be informative, practical, and accessible – there will be plenty of time for questions and conversation.

Our Workshop Leader

Mitchell is a dual-educated academic with experience in both American and UK/EU legal systems. He has also worked previously as an artist and is keenly interested in the intersections of law and creativity. The majority of his research has developed around new technology, creative expression, and the way the law functions as a means to promote and protect that expression.

Presented as part of the STEAMhouse Create Programme.

The STEAMhouse Create Programme is a free ERDF funded programme that supports resource-poor businesses to build digital skills and make their new product, project, or service ideas a reality.

Open since early 2018, STEAMhouse is powered by Birmingham City University, in partnership with Eastside Projects, and funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The STEAMhouse Create Programme supports businesses, including self-employed, sole-trading artists, to test new ideas, prototype, and make new products and services (which if you are an artist will most likely be artworks) as well as explore the potential of digital technologies to help you collaborate and innovate.

Find out more HERE