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Events Upcoming

Toolkit: Working with galleries, making art public

Thursday, 2 April 2020
6 – 8pm

Entry is £5 / free to EOP members

Eastside Projects’ Director Gavin Wade and our Offsite Curator Zoë Sawyer will be demystifying ways of approaching and working with galleries both on and off site.

During the event you will hear about ways of developing your networks and making your work visible to curators and galleries you want to engage with. You will learn about the routes open to practitioners who want to work with Eastside Projects.

We will discuss what happens when you work with the public, how to work in collaboration with parties from non-art backgrounds, and what you need to think about differently when you’re working outside of the gallery.

Booking essential. E-mail (if booking before 25 Feb) or (if booking after 25 Feb) to book your place.